Gone Home to Counter Strike

Nopenopenope. Even with a gun and a swat team, NOOO

I don’t want to give false hope that I’ll be keeping up with the latest a greatest in gaming gossip, but the timing of this newsy nugget was too good to pass up! Just a few days ago I made my review of Gone Home and the internet reward my love and loyalty with a special digital treat. The house from Gone Home will now be a hostage map for Counter Strike! Insane right?!? Granted I have never played Counter Strike; in fact, I’ve only ever seen it played on Youtube. It’s a shooter, and all shooters are the same to me, so I never paid much attention to it, but apparently Counter Strike is a heavily modded game. The Hidden, Murder, and some other great games came from using Counter Strike as their base. This is very much old news for PC gamers, as they are aware of the infinite ways they can better a game, and really change the experience. For me, and others like me, who were console commanders for most of their lives, this is a brave new world. Mods like this one were the leading reason why I dropped consoles and moved into PC gaming; albeit with a Macbook Pro (I know, I know. I’m working on it!). I appreciate the hard work of modders, because, without them, I would not get to experience L4D2 with all tanks as Shrek or replacing Alduin in Skyrim with Thomas the Tank Engine. Back on target, I’m insanely curious how the Arbor Hill Mansion will fair as a map for a shooter. I might actually have to pick up Counter Strike for Gone Home reasons, and for review purposes. Until then, that’s your newsy nugget for today!

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