Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing

By Brian VanDenBergh 26 April 2015

Ok so basically there a bunch of names in town about monthly or bi-monthly subscription boxes. Everything from clothes, to makeup, to even pet food and toys, all delivered to you monthly. We nerds have our own subscription boxes as well. You have your nerd block, arcade block, and the most popular one, Loot Crate. For around 19 a month before shipping Loot Crate sends a themed box your way filled with stuff devoted to the theme. Pretty complex I know, but try to stay with me here. My thing (I always have a thing to complain about) is that Loot Crate can have some cool stuff from time to time, like 8 bit sunglasses, the book “Ready Player One” or even an exclusive Funko, but if you look at their past crates it tends to be a lot of small items that you might find in the junk drawer, or adorning the desk or office of a fanboy. Which is cool because you may find a gem in a box or two, but mostly I don’t really get what you’re paying for. Fast forward to now, where FUNKO has teamed up exclusively with MARVEL, to bring us the Collector Corps. The theme of this box, arriving less than one week before the film, is Age Of Ultron. The draw to get people to signing up for this box was the exclusive Hulkbuster Funko that for the first 10 mins was only available to collector corps, but is now all over eBay. Its enormous, but well come back to that. I’m still digressing. MCC box is bimonthly and runs 32 before shipping. So loot crate fans will be like, “oh, well I get 2 boxes for the same price of you getting one” and ill be like “yeah bro enjoy those t-shirts you’re never gonna wear while I watch my cat try to destroy the hulk buster” As you can see it’s a one sided debate. Needless to say I have high hopes for the MCC box. So lets get to it.

First, the box is awesome. It really has no effect on this review, because obviously most people will throw it out or use it to store comics in, but still…awesome. Look at that face. unnamed

So inside the first thing we get are a Cap Collector Corps pin and an Ultron Collector Corps Patch. Pretty nice, argument can be made against the junk drawer, but the thing is with Marvel’s box, everything inside it is exclusive. You can’t go out and buy any of this stuff anywhere else except for obviously ebay. So you’re really paying for that exclusivity, (everyone nod your heads…good).


Up next is where my biggest complaint/review point comes in. Its called a “Dorbz” and its about a 2 inch tall Vinyl Figure made by a company called Vinyl Sugar. The one you get is Ultron, and again it is exclusive to this MCC box and is not listed on the figure checklist that comes on the back of this little box. I love anything Ultron and it’s cool, but my problem was with the way the Collector Corps site made me think that in addition to getting the Hulkbuster Funko, that I was going to get another “exclusive Vinyl Figure.” I had pictured like a phasing Vision Funko or even just like an early release of Black Widow. That would have made me believe in the price tag and the box so much more. I still like the little Ultron and I would have loved it even more if it was in addition to another exclusive Funko to really fill the box out. Greedy.


Next is the T-Shirt. The biggest gamble of them all. Is it going to be one you wear once and then use as a rag when washing your car? Does it go right in the trash? I cansay that it’s safe to cast all doubt aside. This T-shirt is amazing. It looks like a boxing match poster of a fight between Ultron and the Avengers. Its really nice quality actually and you can tell some of that money you spent went to the quality of the fabric and the printing of the shirt. Basically you can tell that some Marvel intern wasn’t printing these in the basement a week ago. There are 4 designs, one for each of the big 4 Avengers. It’s really the main selling point of the box for me, other than the big guy.


In the bottom of the box you get another gem. Avengers 001 with the Guardian Team up. Retailing at 3.99 but of course this is a variant cover exclusive to the box. This is just a really nice addition. You’re paying for the Marvel brand so it’s nice to get that back in form of where it all started.


This is what you’re paying for. This is the most badass thing ever basically. It is again for the last time I’m saying this…totally exclusive to the MCC box. The Hulkbuster Funko. This this is ridiculously big, as you can see by the photo on the right. (NOTE: Captain America funko did NOT come in the box. That was mine) It is twice the size of a regular funko pop. Its of course extremely well made and super durable…so far my cat has not defeated it.

All in all the Marvel Collector Corps box is very much worth the price tag. You get what you’re paying for in the Hulkbuster and T-Shirt alone. Everything else is just an added bonus. My only gripe again is the vinyl misdirect. I’m cool with there not being an over abundance of stuff in the box. Like I said, most of it would have been thrown away anyways, but here you get quality stuff and the most for you money.

Touche yet again Marvel. Looking forward to July’s Ant Man Box, and of course to Age of Ultron. (Still hoping my prediction is right: R.I.P. Black Widow)

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