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Things have been silent for a while, and I know I haven’t added to changing that. To help, here are the exciting things I’ve been doing lately that may lead to some posts in the near future!


I’ve taken the chance to work on some blacksmithing lately. Memorial Day Weekend was spent working with Sam Salvati (of Man at Arms: Reforged fame) for a basic class, a session in which I made a number of fun things.

Like this awesome fire poker
Like this awesome fire poker! The photo does NOT do this justice as the handle is really sweet looking. Other projects from the weekend class: handle, leaf, BBQ flesh fork, drive/over door hook, S-hook, & a wall hook.

Recently, other projects recently included “finishing” three knives this past weekend, one of which I’ll need to revisit to straighten (warped during the heat treat; yay physics!) while the others just need to be polished and sharpened. Lots of work went into tinkering with them, but they’re pretty cool.

From top to bottom: 1) Kitchen Knife for a friend's display 2) A
From top to bottom:
1) Kitchen Knife for a friend’s display; will be mailed out and set with gem/stone handle to showcase our mutual work at shows.
2) A “Bush Knife” that just needs to be polished and sharpened. Minor handle change happened after the photo during sharpening, but still looks awesome.
3) A “Raptor Claw” or “Moustache Knife”; curved blade, just needs a handle and sharpening.

I’m waiting on ordering the needed supplies there, but they’ll be done soon enough!

There was also a bit of cleanup of my two (now one) cable/wire Damascus knives. Once I finish the above blades, I’ll try to snap a photo of the lot of “completed” knives.

This coming weekend, I’ll be taking another class with Sam Salvati, this one to learn how to make a sword. Not sure if I’ll succeed in completing an ENTIRE FREAKING SWORD in just five days, but damnit, I’m going to try! Oh, and if the opportunity strikes, I’ll try to get a photo or two of Sam doing his thing for the blog, as well as photos of my work-in-progress sword. If time permits, I’ll even try to hammer out another blade or two during “studio time” if I get caught up.

==RPG Geekery==

I don’t mean the video game type, but rather the tabletop gaming variety. Evil Hat recently released the new Dresden Files Roleplaying game. My copy arrived in the middle of last month, and I’ve been slowly sifting through it, devouring every detail I can so I can give it a proper review and use it at my gaming table (whenever that happens).

==Movie Madness==

Like many of you, I’ve recently seen Jurassic World. I’m debating if it’s worth writing a review with how many others are out there. If the mood strikes (and enough people show interest), you might see something show up here!


Yes, you read that correctly, LEGO. I do not hide the fact I’m a LEGO fan; even as I approach my 30th birthday, I still love picking up random LEGO sets and putting them together. The recently released Hulk Buster has my attention, as I’ve been an Iron Man fan since I was a kid.

That said, thanks to some conversations with some friends, I started looking into the LEGO offshoots from other companies, and found a few that supposedly make decent quality minifig variants for low costs (awesome for my LEGO-compatible mug) and others that may make sets almost identical to the originals. If I can scrape the funds, I might snag one of these “copies” and the original, build them and tell you all about it. I have a few of the random minifigs coming my way sometime soon (probably a month due to shipping), so I’ll have those to chat about soon enough!

==Other Geekery?==

I’m always on the lookout for other geeky things to talk about. Sometimes I get some brilliant ideas that become posts, otherwise, you’ll just have to wait and see what I cook up!

Looking forward to writing these new posts soon!

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