Creativerse: The Better Minecraft

Creativerse is a voxel based adventure building game created by Playful, Corp. If that string of descriptors sounds familiar, it’s because Minecraft is the most widely known voxel adventure builder in the business. As an avid Minecraft player, I really wanted to avoid writing this review and have one of the other writers who have never played Minecraft to review Creativerse (fair shakes and all that jazz). However, as I jumped into the universe of Creativerse and sunk a solid weekend into it, I have to say that it’s the better Minecraft. It’s not without flaws, but it’s a fantastic evolution of the game type. So grab your picks and let’s break this down together.

Disclosure: This review was written using a press copy of the game.

Good thing we brought tools.

Creativerse plops you in the middle of a randomly generated world with a vague note and space age tech that allows you to absorb blocks. No punching trees for your young adventurer, you’re outfitted with strange and alien tech that can be upgraded with drives you craft to harvest harder and harder resources. Those familiar with Minecraft will automatically be amazed with how pretty the game is. It’s sky-boxes and textures rival that of the best mods available to Minecraft, but being prettier doesn’t make you a better game. Where Creativerse shines is its environments and additional technologies.

Biomes of Creativerse are populated with creatures that are local to that climate. For example, Dust Devils and Troggs are endemic to the canyon biomes and are found in no other areas. It gives the world a bit more biodiversity and makes each location you adventure to feel unique as opposed to facing skeletons, creepers, and zombies in every corner of the map. Even the creatures below the surface of the over world are unique to their geological layer.

Some of the lovely perks of using space technology is that all the forges, workbenches, and ovens are automated. Set all your ingredients and let them churn out your supplies for that teleporter or heal beacon you desperately need. That’s right, teleporter. So much better than using a mine cart to get to your subterranean bunker, the teleporter makes connecting you bases together a cinch. Jim and I have a system in place where I work the mines and he works the fields and we use the teleporters to drop off supplies to each other. The teleporter tech becomes even more invaluable when you have bases in separate biomes where you would normally have to walk a full 5-10 minutes real time to get to. I’ve tried setting something similar up in Minecraft using Nether Portals, but just ended up in a lava ocean weeping soft nothings into a Magma Cube.

I can instead whisper to my pet Warmworm! I’m not crazy …

Creativerse is still in Steam Early Access, but I’m loving what I’ve been seeing thus far. I didn’t even get into the huge variety of decorative blocks you can create and my exploration of the corruption (lovingly called Super Hell by the team). I’m hoping to see many more geological layers, biomes, weather, and monster diversity to come from the Creativerse team, and will continue my crafting in the Land of Milk and Buttered Toast. Feel free to drop by and say hi, but hands off of Jim’s wheat.