Roses are RWBY

Roses are red, and violets are blue, but if you asked the audience of RWBY which they feel suits their mood today after Rooster Teeth‘s season finale of the show, they’d fall in with the latter. Up until Book 3 of RWBY, the show had a fun loving and frantic feel to it. Plenty of laughs for fans and the only sense of dread was that amazonian Pyrrha Nikkos, smitten by Cupid’s Arrow, would not end up with lovable Jaune Arc. There were hints of greater evil, but Book 3 dropped the curtain to reveal its dark and dangerous underbelly, and the finale, “The End of the Beginning” is the beacon between the new and old worlds of Remnant.

“The End of the Beginning” is also daring leap into darker waters, a place I did not think the show would go originally. If I were to summarize the episode for readers, without spoiling anything, I would compare this episode to an after dinner dessert. The first half of the episode is a dense and dark chocolate cake with a bitter orange syrup drizzled atop. It’s filled with action and emotion, to the point that you can’t stop and stare into the void and wonder. The second half is the accompanying mint tea that’s there to help you wash down the cake. It’s soothing, but doesn’t was away the feeling of eating a whole cake. This episode with sit with fans through the off season, making crave more of the CRWBY. I am looking forward to seeing what show runners, Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross, will pull from their demented little hearts for Book 4.  Thanks to them, and the Rooster Teeth animation team, for carrying out the work of Monty Oum.

There will be Grimm consequences if you don’t check out the show.