There’s a Mimic At the Table! A Mimic Gamer Pouch Review

Every old-school (and new school) Dungeons and Dragons player should know about mimics. I think it’s a rite of passage, really. Until you’ve been surprised by your hand sticking to that treasure chest as it tries to trap and eat you, or a random village  attempting to eat you (and I don’t mean the villagers), can you really say you’ve lived through the Dungeons and Dragons experience?

As a long-time GM, one of my favorite monsters was always the mimic. It can look like anything, trick anyone, and there’s nothing that beats the look of panic on a player’s face when all of their weapons are stuck to this walking treasure chest with teeth that has the sole purpose of eating them. Hell, mimics are why one of my wizards always seemed like an alcoholic by carrying at least two forms of alcohol on his person (one to share and drink as needed, one to douse any mimics he’d find). Good times.

Now, mimics are getting an even bigger bad reputation thanks to games like Dark Souls, as mimics are apparently a bigger pain in the arse than ever before due to their difficulty to kill.

I have a love/hate relationship with these things.

Granted, everything in Dark Souls is out to kill you and can be tough to kill, but it’s the point that mimics are still as awesome as ever, so it’s no small wonder that they were given the dice bag treatment.

While it’s taken longer than expected, my local game store finally got their hands on a mimic dice bag for me. Even though it’s been delayed a few times (originally scheduled to be released in March, then in April, and I didn’t get mine until May), I was really stoked to get my hands on one of these and see how useful it would be to hold my every growing dice collection, especially since one of my dice bags died and I’ve resorted to a random drawstring bag to hold it (no, it’s not a Crown Royal bag).

So how does it stack up? Well, take a look!

The stock photo that is advertised for the bag.

==The Pitch==

While marketed as a “Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Gamer Pouch”, it really is just a dice bag. In the shape of a mimic, gnashing teeth, tongue, and all. There’s not much more you can say, it basically should sell itself (if it weren’t trying to eat you). It is advertised to hold your dice or any other props/miniatures you may need for your tabletop games.

==What You Get==

You get exactly what is advertised. The dice bag is made from a soft, plush material making it collapsible but rigid enough to stand when empty. A zipper seals the pouch shut to protect your dice, and the mimic closes with the help of a little elastic cord.

That’s no booger. . .

The pouch also includes a carabiner-like clip for those GMs or players on the go.

Clipped to make your life easier? Maybe.

To make the image of the mimic complete, a large, oddly shaped, purple tongue is attached to the bottom of the pouch and can extend quite some distance, completing the look of an angry, sentient-eating mimic.

This thing has some reach.

As a way of testing it, I decided to grab dice that I know I needed a new bag for: my d10 collection. At this time, I possess 99d10 that are not allocated to other collections (i.e. my Star Wars dice collection needed some d10 for percentiles), and the random bag I had on hand was already filled to the brim. In fact, my d10 collection is large enough that I have to bag it separately from the rest of my collection. It also doesn’t help that I run a number of d10 only games and sifting through the entire collection to find them every game is a bit of a chore.

The Mimic vs 99d10!

The interior pouch can hold 70 of the 99d10 that I possess. There might be a bit of wiggle room in there, but it was pretty well packed. You can probably get about ten complete sets of “standard” D&D dice in there, but it will be a tight fit.

Cozy enough?

==The Good==

As a pouch, the mimic does it’s job. It was able to securely hold the 70 dice I stuffed into it, was sealed without issue, and could be easily clipped to my belt or whatever bag I am bringing to a game. Already, it’s a win-win!

Everything crammed in and sealed. It had to stretch a little to fit, as you can see by the bulge. Maybe it ate too much?

The bag is also pretty well made. The stitches are solid and don’t show any sign of giving way easily, and this includes the stitches that help hold the bag to the clip.

Pulled the mimic inside-out for this shot.

As mentioned before, the bag is soft enough to easily break down, but is rigid enough to stand up on it’s own. This allows you to easily flatten or ball the pouch up for easy storage or keep it standing on your table as an awesome prop.

Easily folds for easy storage.

The biggest good part of this is the detail and the metaplot that’s going with this. It’s a dice bag that looks like a mimic that looks like a treasure chest. What more of a reason do you need for this?

A full Mimic, sealed, with the dice I couldn’t fit within it.

==The Bad==

For dropping nearly $20 after tax, I was expecting the bag to hold a bit more. For just a bit more, I can get a hand-made Bag of Many Dice that has pockets to hold all of my different dice, and for a bit more than THAT I can get a bag that can hold a pound of dice. . .and still have them all sorted. (Note: I am in no way affiliated with this Etsy seller, but I’ve been hearing good things about these bags and plan on buying a bag in the future once I have the spare cash for it).

The Gemini armor side-by-side with the mimic. This is a standard minifigure for comparison.

You can even buy a chainmail dice bag that can probably hold as many for a much lower price. If you are crafty, you could even make your own bag, but you’ll be paying quite a bit for rings.

I think Pepper would prefer the giant bear over my main dice bag. Note: this is without Star Wars dice, a brick of d6, Fate, or the aforementioned 99d10. Might need another bag at this rate.

If your drinking group has a gaming problem, you can get a bottle of Crown Royal with just a bit more than the cost of the mimic, or you can just purchase the bag itself for a few dollars in general. Just remember to drink responsibly (and don’t GM drunk; that doesn’t go well, normally).

Really, I was hoping for more space. That’s the biggest gripe I have with this, especially with that price tag.

There’s also a bit of wasted space here. After you seal the bag, there’s empty space between the zipper and the top of the chest/mimic (see the above photo of the full, bulging mimic). The storage potential here could be anything from a character mini to extra dice, but as it doesn’t seal (literally being held in place by a small semi-elastic band), I wouldn’t risk it, especially if you are clipping the pouch to something. If the teeth were hiding a zipper, or if there was some way to better secure things in the top portion (another zipper-sealed portion, perhaps?), it’d be pretty awesome. As it stands, I’m too wary of losing dice or a figure by putting anything in that portion. Knowing my luck, it’d fall out while being attached to my hip or something, and I’d be out of whatever it was that I’ve lost.

==The Verdict==

I’d have to give the Mimic Gamer Pouch a mediocre 3 buns.

Rating 3 Stars

As a semi-plush object, it is rather amusing, but as a gaming pouch it’s just too small for my needs as a GM. If anything, it’s more of a gimmick than a practical pouch, which is sad because I was really hoping it would be both.

Is it worth getting? If you like mimics, don’t have a ton of gear to carry around, and think it looks awesome, then it is absolutely worth getting. If you are a GM with a ton of gear or a player that brings everything (I’ve been the guy bringing the dice to tables for years), this isn’t going to be that useful with holding what you need.

Current dice collection: 8 sets of Fudge/Fate dice, random Dragon Dice, chainmail bag of random dice, black bag of d10, Crown Royal bag of Star Wars dice, and a brick of d6. The mimic is empty, and I still have some misplaced dice. Mr. Stark is here for comparison. I think I’ve been doing this for a while. . .

The mimic dice bag is made by UltraPro and retails for $16.99. You can purchase it online (whenever it’s back in stock) or find an alternate retailer (such as your FLGS).


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