Top Line/Bottom Line: Poly Bridge

By Michael Stoll 15 September 2016

Top Line: Poly Bridge is a fun, challenging puzzle game tasked with the unfortunate task of following up the nearly identical Bridge Constructor. 3/5.

Have you ever booted up a new game and felt like you’ve played it before? Chances are you have. Sometimes it’s because you actually have and you’re just an idiot that forgot (take me, for instance). Other times it’s because you’ve gotten your hands on another game in the same series. It can even be as simple as deja vu. Many times, however, you fire up a fresh new game and, to your dismay, it’s a bit stale because it borrows heavily from another title. As a result, it’s just not as fun as it could’ve been. This is the case with Poly Bridge.


Poly Bridge is more Bridge Constructor 1.5 than its own game. In both Poly Bridge and Bridge Constructor the following building materials are primarily what are used to build bridges: roads, wooden supports, steel, and ropes. The games offer the same kinds of anchor points from which to build bridges. Both games have budget constraints as well as material constraints in various levels, and both challenge users with vehicles of different weights. The game is, by and large, unoriginal, and I enjoyed the game less because of it.

However, there is a reason why I said Bridge Constructor 1.5 rather than 0.5. Poly Bridge has some elements which are better than that of Bridge Constructor. The addition of hydraulics and drawbridges makes level design a degree more challenging. The bridge and background art as well as the calm music match the slow paced, simple concept the game presents. The grid in the background of the level is also appreciated; as well as, the ability to zoom in, as it makes planning bridges a whole lot easier. There are, to my knowledge, no bugs or glitches either after 2.5 hours of gameplay. The game also embraces a sillier aspect of physics based bridge builders that Bridge Constructor doesn’t cash in on right away. One of the first things the game teaches you about is how to build a ramp. It brings a lot of levity and fun to a game that can be maddeningly difficult (and I mean that in the most positive way possible).

Bottom Line: I give Poly Bridge a 3/5. The game is a fun puzzle with plenty of challenge and content to keep the player entertained for many hours. However, there’s not enough new content to really justify its existence as its own game outside of being an update or maybe DLC for Bridge Constructor. It feels like something I’ve played before, and as a result, I just can’t enjoy it as much as I might have.

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