What’s In The Box? Dishonored 2 Collector’s Edition

While I can’t get the game fired up just yet (still waiting on getting the wiring done), I can at least open up the box and gawk at all of the awesome stuff inside of it, as well as play with the pre-order bonus mask.

In addition to that, I’ve spent the past few weeks hitting local GameStop stores to get all three of the Dishonored 2 post cards, which was quite a feat in and of itself with the luck my local shops had.

Without further ado, here’s what we get in the box for Dishonored 2!

Please note this post will be image heavy. Sorry, not sorry ^_^;


My box took quite the beating, apparently, but it was still intact enough to keep everything mostly safe. Some of the contents got a little damaged (the poster), but everything was there at least.

Before we get into the box, let’s take a look at the outside.


As I did the pre-order from GameStop, I got a reversible Emily/Corvo mask (the small shiny thing) when I picked up the game. I also spent some time doing the legwork to get each of the three postcards, which was easier said than done. This image sums up what I’ll be talking about for this entire post.

 As per protocol for a game, we get a few screenshots and the obligatory attention-grabbing details.

On the sides, we are given wanted posters for both Corvo and Emily, further setting the tone of what we will be expecting as we get into the game.

The wanted posters and eye-catch sections are actually an exterior sleeve for the box. Once that sleeve has been removed, the wanted posters are swapped for the same portraits sans text, while the eye-catch is replaced with the mark of the Outsider.

Opening the box presented me with the first extra item from the collector’s edition: the propaganda poster.

This poster folds out to a rather impressive size, and is double sided.

The first side is of the deceased Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. The reverse is of the new Empress, Delilah “Kaldwin” (putting that in quotes because I wonder if it’s power grab).

Underneath the poster we had the obligatory paperwork, such as the Steam key, a key for Dishonored Definitive Edition (Dishonored 1 with all DLC), and instructions for the mask.

Beneath THAT, we had the case for the game.

Like Fallout 4 (the collector’s edition I bought last year), the disc comes in a steel case. Even though this isn’t as useful for the PC any longer (Steam takes care of the need of discs), it’s still a nice touch for anyone who wants to still have cases on their shelf.

Inside the case, we get an invite to a game, the disc for Dishonored 2, and the most used image promoting the game. Not horribly impressed with this, but it still looks pretty nice.

It took a little bit of finaggling as my box (and the plastic) took some damage, but I was able to get it out. It’s a typical thin plastic clamshell protecting the extra goodies from getting damaged. Let’s go ahead and open this up!

This here is probably the reason everyone bought the collector’s edition of this game; it’s a replica or Corvo’s mask. It’s made of plastic, but it has quite a few details. The inner material feels softer, there’s every weld mark, and there’s even plastic lenses where Corvo has those lens augments.

As impressive as this looks, it’s not a prop. It’s far too narrow to fit on one’s face (yes, I tried), and the plastic is a bit flimsy in parts. Still, it’s a spot-on replica should you have the need of a model to base your own off of.

The plastic casing also had a stand (plastic faux-wood base, plastic hook for the mask). In addition to this, there was a sticker with “Dishonored 2” on it with transparent backing. I later put it on the base of the strand.

Secured in the clamshell, beneath the mask, was this little box. I honestly didn’t remember what it was at first until I opened it.

Inside of the box is a replica of Emily’s ring. Apparently, each of these skeleton keys represents each of the islands of the Empire. Rather cool design, in my opinion.

I decided to put it on to show that this is a ring that most will probably not be able to wear. It is loose on my pinky, but stops quite a bit above my wedding band on my ring finger (men’s 11.5). My wife can put this on over her wedding bands with room to spare (women’s 7), so we are guessing the ring is a woman’s 8-8.5. Unlike Lucia’s pendant from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, this is a prop most male gamers will be unable to wear.

That sums up everything that comes in the box. I think the $100 price tag was well worth it, as it gives you an in-game bonus (extra coins and a special bone charm), a copy of Dishonored 1 and the DLCs (the latter of which I was missing), and some fun little props.

Of course, my journey with you doesn’t end there. As I pre-ordered the game, I was also given the mask.

On one side, it’s Corvo. I learned when trying this on that you will need a hood, because it will stick up on the top. Granted, I do have a big head (literally), so that does impact how well it fits.

On the other, it’s Emily’s mask, which she wears like a bandit. The mask has eye holes on one side (from the Corvo mask).

I would guess that you wear it from the other side without the holes, as it has a more prominent pattern to show off.

I don’t think I’ll have too much use for this, but it might be useful for a more casual convention when I’m being a bit lazy (or just really need to hide).

The last bit of the Dishonored 2 experience came about from the postcards. Starting mid-October, GameStop was giving away postcards from the world of Dishonored 2. Each of these has an image inspired by the setting on one side, and a short letter with an “EVIDENCE” stamp on it. The letters are done in handwriting style, making them a bit difficult to read at times (and tougher to read from the pictures), but I’ve taken it upon myself to ensure it is all here for you.

I had to do a bit of searching to even get the first one, and I lucked out; one of my local stores received ONE postcard, and they were nice enough to give it to me. That first one was of the Serkonan Guard.

The Grand Serkonan Guard

Your friend in time of need. Proudly serving the duke of Serkonos! Striking out against those who break the law

This first one was addressed to Cecelia Havelock, 110 Dreapers Ward, Dunwall, The Isles.

The reward of a life well lived in keeping with the Seven Strictures is the end of existence! The peace of (unreadable) being, Only those who turn from the Seven Strictures risk an endless existence adrift in the Void, the dark sky without stars. The cold lifeless ocean that surrounds us all and threatens to devour the earth and sky an all things in between. 
–Overseer Hughes

Karnaca, Capital of Serkonos

Karnaca needs workers!

Come to the edge of the world and experience the place of legend.

This one was addressed to Alexander Wakefield, 26 Budshore District, Gristol, The Isles.

Things are about to change in Karnaca. I feel it. My husband’s been trying to sell our woodworking shop. If we can, we’re packing up the kids and relocating to Morley. Gristol’s in chaos, with everyone fighting over the Empress, and Tyvia’s too cold.

Addermire Institute.

Massage – Solarium – Baths.

Relax and heal all affections of the body in this luxurious, one of a kind establishment, favored by the aristocracy around the Isles.

Addressed to Empress Kaldwin, Royal Palace, Dunwall, Gristol, Empire of the Isles.

I’ve seen cities go bad before. Smelled the rot. So have you, fifteen years ago in Dunwall. Did you miss it, that year that made you who you are? Don’t deny it. Rats in the cradle, black smoke rising from burning bodies, an entire city crying out. Now it’s happening again. Welcome back. Welcome home.


Moment of speculation, I’m guessing this one is from the Outsider.

And that sums up the adventure of unboxing the Dishonored 2 Collector’s edition as well as the extra loot involved.


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