The Mighty Thor: Thunder In Her Veins

While I can’t afford to keep up with EVERYTHING, I do love it when I can borrow the trade versions of comics from the library. It does mean I’m normally 6+ months behind, but I can at least say that I am getting to know our collection a bit better.

This time around, I found a copy of The Mighty Thor: Thunder In Her Veins sitting on a shelf at one of our branches, so I decided to give it a whirl and see how the Goddess of Thunder has been faring.

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==The Pitch==

The Mighty Thor: Thunder in Her Veins marks the return of the Goddess of Thunder after the most recent Secret Wars event. We see the return of Jane Foster, who is not only the new Thor (with new inscription on the hammer and everything), but is now the representative of Midgard on the Council of Realms. What sort of adventures will she lead due to her double life as a wanted woman in Asgardia and as a mortal dying of cancer?

==What You Get==

Like the previous Thor: Goddess of Thunder line, we see Jane Foster battling a number of Thor’s usual foes, including Malekith, the Jotuns, and the return of Loki. We also even see her thrown down with the All Father himself, Odin, over a number of differences that are arising.

This is an action-packed volume that covers the first half of the year of the new Thor comic.

To not leave you hanging, a few minor spoilers:

Thor is a wanted woman on Asgardia, as Odin has reclaimed his throne from the All Mother, his wife, Freya, and wishes to see his son return to his rightful place, which means reacquiring Mjolnir by any means necessary.

Jane, on the other hand, is struggling. She is fighting her cancer, but every time she lifts the hammer, she sets back the progress made via chemotherapy as the magic of the hammer removes the “poisons” from her body. She still refuses magical aid, even though she is fighting the same battles Thor has always stood for, as well as a political front as she is now the Ambassador for Midgard. . .as long as no one knows she’s Thor, that is.

We get political intrigue as Malekith invades the lands of the light elves, Roxxon sides with Malekith to take over realms for their resources, a new Loki enters the fray against this new Thor, and we see just how much turmoil Odin and this new Thor are causing to Asgardia.

==The Good==

Like the rest of the recent Marvel comics, the artwork is crisp, and Dauterman knows his trade. The imagery tells tales as much as the words do, and the details within the artwork are solid, from the “she be worthy” on the hammer to the maelstrom of activity during the war scenes. That alone should make it worthwhile, but there’s more!

Story-wise, we get some explanations of some of the goings-on since the last time we saw Thor prior to Secret Wars. We are told why wielding the hammer is making Jane’s cancer worse, we are seeing the results of Malekith’s deals with the Roxxon corporation, we are seeing the politics of the Nine Realms in action, and are presented with some great fights between the exposition.

The highlight of this is the fight between Thor and Odin, which was not only filled with excellent action scenes, but some great banter (“Then again, when you’re a ninety-pound woman dying of cancer… it does feel pretty good to punch god in the face”). The biggest downside of it was my wish to see more!

==The Bad==

Like most comics, it’s hard to pinpoint the timeline here. It’s hard to tell if the events are happening over a single day or if they take place over months. It’s also tough to pinpoint how long it’s been since the last time we saw Thor/Jane, as well as how long it’s been since the end of Secret Wars. Since there wasn’t any other Thor publication (outside of Battleworld) in 2015, this leaves some rather odd gaps to fill.

There were also a few scenes that I felt were lacking, as though they were rushed to a close, such as the war between the elves (and the ending of said war), but especially the fight between Thor and Odin. It just. . .ended, and everything went back to “normal,” or at least the normal that was occurring before that fight.

==The Verdict==

The Mighty Thor: Thunder in Her Veins, is getting 4 Buns.

Rating 4 Stars

This is a great installment to the new Thor, picking up were we left off and answering a number of questions that were left unanswered at the end of the previous publication. I am really curious where things will go next.

The Mighty Thor: Thunder in Her Veins is available at most comic retailers and Amazon, and compiles issues 1-5. Volume 2: Lords of Midgard, the compilation of issues 6-11, was released yesterday, December 20th.

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