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By Andrew “Rigs” Rigley 17 March 2017

Are all you lovelies looking for an all a-“Round” good time? Then it would seem Road to Ballhalla is the game for you! It is currently available on steam having been developed by Torched Hill and published by tinybuild. The game features challenging puzzles found in each level and the simple controls that are supplemented well with witty satire you progress through each level. Altogether Road to Ballhalla is all about having a fun challenging experience.

Disclosure: This review was written using a press copy of the game.


As you may have guessed you play as a ball trying to roll your way to ball glory at Ballhalla! The goal is to get to Ballhalla by progressing through each of the 20 levels that are split between four zones. The ball you play as must traverse difficult challenges being sure to not lose health along the way. Each level also features a collection based challenge, with light yellow glowing orbs, that are needed to earn your way to the next zone.


As you can see completing the level isn’t necessarily about reaching the goal. Rather completion is about how to get the orbs and not die. Don’t worry though, as you have infinite lives; although the less you die the greater the reward. So you have an endless opportunity of retries for the trickier levels! I know these infinite lives helped me progress. While all of this may sound complicated the simple controls make learning the game mechanics easy.


The player has movement control via left, right, up, and down arrow keys, WSAD keys, or via video game controller. Depending on the level certain controls are favored over the others. I definitely switched back and forth between controls mid-level to better handle the challenges. The other ability the player has direct control over is your ball’s speed boost. This boost is crucial to building momentum.

While the controls may make Road to Ballhalla appear easy, each level’s design will definitely remedy that misconception. The levels feature an increased difficulty and unique feel from the previous levels. This is accomplished with multiple components ranging from laser beams, to deadly tiles, challenging camera angles, and many more features.


This level was extremely challenging, and it’s not even close to the most difficult. By the way, if you were wondering the blue tiles instantly kill you. Be really carful with momentum as having too little/much will lead to death(s). The difficulty is complimented best with the witty satire that each level features.


Honestly the witty satire featured throughout the entire game is what really completes a Road to Ballhalla. It gave me the sense of companionship throughout the whole game. The game will mock you when you fail, and begrudgingly congratulate you when you succeed. This is also used to provide hints and direction in each level that I would’ve been lost without.


As you roll on down the Road to Ballhalla you will find a ton of playability. This is offered through many aspects. Of course there is the main story which involves collecting the yellow orbs while completing each challenge ultimately leading to Ballhalla. After completion of each zone you unlock that zone’s “rush”. The aspect of Rush is to complete the course as fast as possible in contrast to the normal collection based challenge. Meeting certain time requirements will a lot you up to 3 stars that are used for more rewards. Completing Rush also allows players to compete in leaderboards, the better your time the better your rank. There is also a “scavenger hunt” that can be played upon meeting the right requirements which can give you a special reward!

Ultimately Road to Ballhalla is a game that gives a fun and challenging experience for all ages. The simple controls allow for anyone to enjoy the game. Then the endless satire and complex challenges offer a unique experience for each level. No matter what there is a ton of replay value offered via the main story levels, or getting the best time in rush mode. The overall experience with Road to Ballhalla offers a solid 3 out 5 sticky buntons. I hope all you lovelies enjoy rolling your way down the Road to Ballhalla as much I did!

Rating 3 Stars

Stay Lovely,

Mr. L

P.S.: I give Road to Ballhalla a score of 3 Sticky Buntons out of 5. While I found the game controls to be simple, the level designs were anything but. They offer a level of difficulty that make 100%ing the game an amazing a challenge. This combined with witty satire create a fun and companion like aspect to a single player game. This allowed me to enjoy my time even when the level made me want to pull my hair out.

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