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By KazeVelara 24 Mar 2017

When I first loaded Copy Kitty, what stood out to me was the look.  There is a lot of bright lights and an intro into how to play; good signs to start. The story is straightforward: a magically gifted Kitera (catgirl) named Boki gets a gift from her uncle, Savant. The gift is a military training program called Flux. However, it’s custom designed to be used by Boki to train her abilities, which is to copy other abilities. Boki’s ultimate goal is to become a superhero. Players learn this from the opening where we see her room adorned with posters and figures of super heroes.

Disclosure: This review was written using a press copy of the game.

Copy Kitty is a polished side-scroller platformer with a Megaman styled system. Playing as Boki, players pick up abilities from enemies directly instead of by bosses. It does have a few catches. I could only have 3 abilities at one time, but those abilities could be merged into one for a little extra cost. However, these abilities didn’t retain from level to level. The farther I got into it, more abilities start showing, and the more combinations I found. There is even an area with all medieval abilities, enemies, and stage design. Just imagine a flame axe used to light a cannon, which ALSO can be moved around the map! On that same regard, I was able to play as Savant as well. He has much different controls, abilities, and speed.  I liked the variety, but I prefer Boki’s speed and raw power.

The other notable flavor is the communication between the characters, both good and bad guys. While it’s all on screen speech bubbles, it still conveys personalities and quirks of each character. Boki is impatient and energetic. Savant is protective and firm with his mentoring. The commentary of all the characters involved gives them life in a way that made me interested in finding more about the story. I noticed even more of Boki’s personality shone through when I had died in a level a few times. She would give a suggestion of how to go about the stage differently as if she were talking to herself.

One of my favorite things about the game is the controls are smooth. It doesn’t feel forced or hard to get from place to place. The combat is very fun and there are two modes for switching your abilities: one is on the fly while the other is in a pause menu so I didn’t feel rushed. I do kind of wish there was a button to keep her stationary to make aiming a little more precise. It’s not terribly inconvenient the way it is, though, so that detail just a little bit of a nitpick.

The level design, while it does throw some curve balls, feels a bit repetitive since it’s chains of smaller levels, instead of one long level like most platformers. It feels arcade-esque in some ways. Each level set has a theme which all works right into the story. Some levels are way too easy while others are quite hard. It feels less like a difficulty curve and more like a heartbeat, where you don’t know if the next stage is going to punch you in the face or gently caress your arm and walk along with you while helpfully pointing out what to blow up next.

There are other modes to play the story. A hard mode for one, and an endless mode with a bunch of achievements if a player wanted to hone their skills or just go crazy. More content was recently added into the game, so it shows the developer is far from done working on it. Oh, and did I mention custom level design?

In regards to graphics and music, there are different settings. Turning the setting to max gives combat a bit of a rave party feel. Those sensitive to bright, flashing lights will be glad to be able to turn it down. There are setting options for the background as well as the foreground. Turning those down makes it a bit easier to not get lost and run into bad things while playing. In-game music for each area is absolutely fitting to the theme. The music is upbeat and invokes Boki’s energetic nature. There are darker tunes while in the dungeon styled stages as well, but still retains the energy.

Outside of the gameplay there is a ton of extra stuff relating to world building. There’s an encyclopedia that details the world, solar system, the different organizations, the characters, chronicles their brief history, a full bestiary, and lots of other notes that point towards an extremely detailed universe. It seems to indicate a whole series and not just a one shot. As events happen in game, it records them in the encyclopedia. The more players do, the more they learn! I give major props for the detail provided. I truly hope the developers decide to expand it into another game. Maybe one where Boki is not just in a simulation. There is plenty of room for expansion, and it’s a good, polished game that I recommend.

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