A De-Knight-ful Story

By Andrew “Rigs” Rigley 05 April 2017

*WARNING: If you wish to purchase this game and would like to play the epilogue you must buy the complete edition and not the season pass! As of now there is no other method of obtaining the epilogue.

Dear Lovelies,

Do you like stories about tales involving knights, adventure, and fantastic characters?! If so, and you find yourself of pun-icular variety then King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember is the game for you. Yes, that is correct after many years of being dormant the fantastical King’s Quest series has returned! Unlike its predecessors this King’s Quest takes on a more chapter based approach with the first chapter having released on July, 2015. The new King’s Quest was developed by The Odd Gentlemen and published by Sierra Entertainment (the developers behind the original King’s Quest series we all know and love). The game is currently available on Microsoft Windows, Steam, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and One.


On this adventure you will be playing through King Graham of Daventry’s past experiences as he recounts these tales to his granddaughter Gwendolyn. The story begins with the prologue where Knight Graham travels down the well to retrieve a magic mirror at the bequest of King David of Daventry (the king prior to Graham). This acts as a tutorial to introduce you game mechanics that are the foundation for the new King’s Quest series.

Once you have quelled the challenges and trials of the tutorial you will move onto Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember. Chapter 1 occurs before the events of the tutorial, and before Graham is appointed knight of Daventry!  In this chapter you will follow Graham as he moves forward with his goal of becoming Knight of Daventry by competing in the tournament of hopeful knights. Along the way through the tournament Graham will meet a bunch of characters that will play pinnacle roles in the future chapters of King’s Quest. These characters are complemented with a range of funny jokes, puns, and compassion that made cry from both laughter and emotion.


Throughout the course of the tournament Graham will have the best each of his knight to be contenders in a challenge of strength, bravery, and wits. Through each challenge Graham moves on step closer to becoming Knight of Daventry and develops bonds of a lifetime with his knight hopeful competitors. Each challenge offers a unique puzzle that had me turning my head to complete at times. Fret not; each puzzle/trial has multiple solutions! Each of these solutions primarily follows one of three possibilities: compassion, bravery, or wisdom. These different choices produce a different story that unfolds offering lots of replay value. Each of these outcomes will affect how the characters in each chapter see you as well as the tapestry you receive that highlights the decisions you made. This is what mine looks like! How did yours turn out?


The unique characters and replay value are not the only things that King’s quest swooned me with. The world that you play in is beautifully textured by hand! That’s right each texture in King’s quest was hand painted. The scenery looks amazing from the background to the characters themselves. Overall this only adds to the enjoyment of the game-play featured in Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember.


King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember is a wonderful experience for all ages! As such it has earned a 4 sticky buntons out of 5. If you feel you may be interested in playing the first chapter you can do so for free on steam right now! I hope you enjoy your adventure through the land of Daventry past as much I have!

Rating 4 Stars

Stay Lovely,

Mr. L

P.S.: King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember is a truly refreshing game to play with just the right amount of feels and enjoyment. Each character has a fantastic personality that makes the game enjoyable even when facing difficult puzzles. The varying emotions that this chapter put me through are emphasized by the beautiful hand painted textures. Overall King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember is a delicious and heartwarming 4 sticky buntons out of 5.

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