Upcoming Antics: From The Desk of The NPC

There’s been plenty of insanity going on in the realm of the NPC, and it’s not going to be much quieter! Curious what’s coming up? Take a look at what’s on my docket for all of you in the weeks to come.

==Post Tekko Work==

After all of my madness at Tekko this year, I am hard at work trying to get everything in order for next year. I’m hoping that, by the time this post goes live, the board will be reviewing my stats and (hopefully) the reviews people have left for my work. If I’m lucky, the board will consider bringing me back next year.

Of course, I’m tweaking how to approach the game for next year, and trying to find the best way to handle it (and ask for the proper support to make it happen). Let’s hope for the best, shall we?

On a fun note, I made it into someone’s Tekko music video. It’s just a two second appearance (literally), but it’s still unexpected and awesome. Take a look and see all the other awesome cosplays (especially the massive Star Wars cosplayers at the 2 minute zone).

==Upcoming Events==

Tekko wasn’t the only event for me this year, but it is the only event officially scheduled for me as The NPC…for now.

From April 27-30, I will be donning my persona of Albrecht and aiding my fellow SCAdians in my role of Chatelaine of the Barony of Blackstone Mountain at this year’s Blackstone Raids. This is our local SCA chapter’s big event, one I attended last year for my first time but will be spending a great deal of time this year staffing and offering other forms of assistance and support.

After that, I will be staffing CharCon Bonus Round Weekend from May 5-6. This is a smaller event closer to home, but the RPG head has been enjoying my games and has asked me to use my powers as a GM for good and to join in on the madness. That said, I’ll be running three Star Trek sessions and a 7th Sea Second Edition session over the course of the weekend, the times of which you can find here if you are interested in finding me on-site and joining my games.

And trust me, there is quite the crazy weekend going on here!

My next (scheduled) event, afterward, isn’t until July, which is CharCon itself. I was just recently asked to run games there as well, including the new Dresden Files Accelerated (with others being negotiated based on time, interest, and release dates).

There will be posts of my experiences for each of these events, do don’t worry: I’ll share the gritty details the first chance I get.

==Playtests, Away!==

As per my new normal, I seem to always be in a playtest…or two…or three. I finished up a playtest for the app “Road to Legend,” which greatly expands on the board game Descent, and since the documentation is officially out for the public to access and utilize, I can write up a review and impressions of the app in the near future.

During this process, I’ve still been maintaining my Star Trek Adventures playtest. We’re waiting on the next set of adventures, but the most recent e-mail has stated that there will be pre-orders for the final rulebook in May, and the next adventure set is coming about after it is approved.

To add to this, I’ve been recently invited to another playtest opportunity with Fantasy Flight Games. I can’t state what is on the docket there due to the NDA, but I will say that it has the potential to change the way I view one of their other RPGs. Once the game has been officially released and I have my copy in hand, expect an official review!

==Upcoming Reviews?==

As always, there’s a backlog of things that I am working on and scheduling that I will be getting to when time permits.

I’ve already slated time to catch a few movies this summer, so you may see some summer blockbuster reviews cropping up here and there. My wife and I are planning on catching Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 after I get back from Bonus Round, so that will probably appear on here at some point. Other films are in the air (King Arthur and Pirates of the Carribean are on the wishlist), so stay tuned.

Book-wise, I’ll be getting up to date with the Fate/Zero manga this summer due to a personal project, as well as possibly picking up the Fate Complete Material books if I can scrape up the financing for them (again, personal project).

A friend at Tekko helped me to finally learn how to play the card game Weiss/Schwarz, and I might just post my impressions about that game and the franchises that it includes. Granted, I got into it because someone at a convention was selling the decks for Fate/Zero, but who am I to complain that my fandom is in a card game?

My RPG collection is also steadily growing thanks to some Kickstarter projects and gifts from friends. I am currently working on or waiting on the following:

  • Blades in the Dark, an RPG made by John Harper (the name behind one/seven design, whom I’ve spoken about before) and published by Evil Hat, had a final PDF release recently, with the physical book (mine will be hardcover) expected to arrive in June.  I’m working on reading the book here and there, and hope to have a review of the contents ready before the book arrives…if my schedule allows.
  • While I’ve been rather harsh about 7th Sea lately, I am still anxiously awaiting what will be coming next. The production schedule hasn’t exactly been accurate and has been subject to change frequently, so my guess is as good as anyone else’s. The last update stated that the Pirate’s Booty (dice, cards, etc) were due for an April release (doubtful; I still haven’t gotten the shipping address request yet), and the early (needs art & edits) PDF for Nations of Théah: Volume 2 was also to have an April release (others to come later). Once I get anything from this Kickstarter, I’ll be sure to put together a review when I can.
  • On a total lark, I backed Open Legend on Kickstarter. I really have no idea why beyond Matt Mercer’s name being attached to it, but I’m hoping the game will be of interest. I know the rules are already officially written, but I’d rather have a book in hand (or on PDF) than rely on an SRD online (too many connection errors).
  • Another game I backed on a total lark was Unity. This one I know I backed because the art looked interesting and the setting had potential. I didn’t have the money for a print copy due to the general costs (the PDFs alone were $38 o_O), so I will be reviewing the PDF. There was a “massive update” released recently, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • A friend of mine was kind enough to front the cost for me to back Scion: Second Edition. He and I were avid fans of the first edition (even though the game was broken), solely because of the premise: you play as the child of an old god and go on modern-day epic adventures as you ascend to a divine state. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be getting the final PDFs or the physical books, but I do have a preview I haven’t touched due to my backlog and other reviews.
  • The last Kickstarter I backed was for a game called Dialect. Having backgrounds in languages and spending time in other countries, my wife and I found the game premise interesting and decided to back it. This game has had the fewest updates and bits of news, but I am hoping for something interesting once it finally comes out.

Finally, I had a “fun” time dealing with some madness of Figma figures in the past. I snagged one at a crazy cheap price in an auction, only to discover after it arrived that it was a bootleg (bad smell, it fell apart, etc). I then had a talk with a few friends that had much more experience with the brand and lucked out on a pre-order of another run of the exact figure I was looking for. I just received word that it will be shipping from Japan mid-May, so once that arrives I can do a fun compare/contrast for everyone who is interested. For those of you who’ve been following for a while and have good memories: I’m finally getting my hands on a Saber Figma.

==Personal RPG Projects==

What sort of NPC would I be if I didn’t have some sort of project going on somewhere?

Prior to Tekko, I had a conversation with some of my players and a few friends about how there wasn’t a good Legend of Zelda themed tabletop RPG. Yes, there are plenty of hacks for d20 out there, but they aren’t necessary GOOD by any stretch of the word. I blame Breath of the Wild for being a really interesting version of Hyrule, because I sat up one night and typed up a hack for Fate Accelerated. I have it readily available to share and wouldn’t object to some input from players of the game. You can find my ongoing edits here. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s got some potential.

After Tekko, I was talking with the friend who taught me Weiss/Schwarz, and we were discussing how cool it would be to have a Nasuverse RPG. My mind, being the jerk that it is, only had one reply: “Challenge Accepted.”

This is my reply, afterward, while looking at the pile of other things going on…

Thankfully, that hack is (relatively) easy: Marvel Heroic/Cortex handles that with ease once I write up a few examples, and Dresden Files Accelerated handles about 80% of what I need without any major issues. Sure, I’ll need to do some tweaks, but thankfully nothing is too crazy for this.

==The Shop?==

After realizing that my GoFundMe campaign wasn’t going to get the help that I needed to fix the shop, nor was the estimated funding going to be enough to cover everything (new problems came up with the wiring starting at the house-side of things, so the donated money thus far went into that), I started looking into alternative means of getting funding and applied for a loan to get the necessary house repairs done, as there were a few things that came up this winter that I am entirely unable to repair (trust me, there’s a LOT, many of which are above my head).

Before I cleared the vines; my work is STILL cut out for me.

I am still trying to find funding the directly fix the shop (or acquire funds to do a better job with fixing it), but I am not demanding anyone help me with it. If you have enjoyed my previous blacksmithing projects, consider sharing the link or kicking what you can to the cause; I’d greatly appreciate it. If all goes REALLY well with the repairs, I’d love to be back out there swinging a hammer again sometime this summer.

==And Even More…==

There is always something going on in life, but I will be doing my absolute best to ensure that my antics as an NPC in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours don’t slow down my upcoming posts too much.

That said, there may be some delays as I try to ensure I have the proper time to attend, review, and write everything. Please be patient and, as always, stay awhile and listen.

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