RIVE-iting Excitement

By Andrew “Rigs” Rigley 28 August 2017

Dear Lovelies,

Do you thirst for EXCITEMENT, DANGER, and LOOT!? If the answer is yes to any of those then let me introduce you to RIVE! It is currently available on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and soon to be Nintendo Switch. Having been developed and published by Two Tribes. RIVE has actually been announced to be the last game that will ever be developed by Two Tribes. The game features challenging battles and destructive upgrades as you try to escape the death ship you’re scavenging. Can you escape this death ship and return to civilization with your loot?

Disclosure: This review was written using a press copy of the game.


Throughout the entirety of the game you operate a spider tank. The goal of the game in the beginning is to scavenge the Ship for Loot; however as you learn you are trapped on the ship with a deadly AI, your goal quickly becomes escaping the ship alive. You progress through the story by completing missions that you reach with the use of an on-ship warp gate, and with each mission completed you are one step closer to your goal of freedom.


Each mission features several unique challenges, whether it is unique platforming, fending off nigh endless Robotic hordes, or some combination of the two. All you have to aid you in your quest to be free of this ship is your wits, aim, and some sweet upgrades! These upgrades vary between several homing missiles, to a blunderbuss, armor, and more! And trust me; you will definitely want them to help beat the game. I know I did!

Of course the main campaign isn’t the only way to play the game. As I progressed through the game I noticed something spectacular: I unlocked new game modes! You can start from any mission via the mission selection from the main screen. Of course this isn’t just any ordinary mission selection. If normal game-play wasn’t enough for you, the difficulty can always ramp up the difficulty via speed runs or single credit mode (one life my friends).


There is yet two more game modes featured in RIVE. First there is the ever fun challenge mode. I experienced some wacky challenges in this mode. The object is to complete the various challenges within a set time limit. You play with each ranking of that challenge to see just talented you are.


The last game mode is called the battle arena. Surprisingly, you will not be battling other players directly. You instead will be fighting through some of the most difficult fights found in the game! These aren’t just the fights you experienced from the game, but instead an endless loop to see just how long you can survive against the endless hordes of robotic carnage. As per the previous game modes you will battle it out to beat all other players’ high scores for the leader-boards!


All in all RIVE is a game that gave me an extremely challenging experience. The controls were exactly what they needed to be for the platforming portions of the game. The awesome upgrades that the game offers you as you play through are extremely useful and fun to use! With all these different game play modes there is a ton of replay value to be the very best at wreaking havoc. All in all combined with the difficulty and the general fun nature from the destruction the game offers RIVE bakes up a wonderful 4 out of 5 sticky buntons! Can you be the best at wreaking havoc?

Rating 4 Stars

Stay Lovely,

Mr. L

P.S.: While I found the game to be extremely difficult and trying at times I did enjoy the overall experience. Between all the different game modes, each will played will have a different way to hone their skills to be the very best on the leader-boards. While I may not be someone who shoots for the top of the leader-boards I definitely respect just how challenging the game can make it to get there. I have to say RIVE definitely wreaked enough wonderful havoc for a solid 4 sticky buntons out of 5.

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