Tea Time with Niaang Cosplay

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Niaang Cosplay came onto our radars after one of our scouting groups identified some awesome anime cosplay. By that, we mean a friend of the site actually showed us her Facebook page. Her work is a diverse mix of gaming and anime with a heavy talent for costume design. We contacted her to ask a few questions about herself and her work.

Sticky Bunton (SB): What got you into cosplay?

Niaang Cosplay (NC): Growing up, I was a big anime fan. There was a small anime club in high school and I learned about cosplay from there. I was also always into art and building things, so I started making my own cosplay.

SB: Is cosplay your job or your hobby?

NC: It’s a hobby! I have done a couple commissions but nothing where it’s been a major income source. I’ll probably keep it as a hobby – I think it’s more fun that way.

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SB: What do you like to do outside of cosplay?

NC: Hobby-wise, I love to cook and try out new recipes, or even experiment without recipes. I’m also into Lolita fashion and making Lolita pieces. All the things I’ve done with Lolita helped me with making cosplay since some of my cosplays are similar to the Lolita style.

SB: Where do you like to get your ideas for cosplay?

NC: Most of my ideas are from games or shows I’m into or character designs I love (then I end up playing/watching the game/show they’re from). I love most characters with a witchy or magical girl or Lolita style. And of course, I love groups so I’ll try to join ones my friends are doing as long as I’m interested in the fandom.

SB: What was the most rewarding cosplay you’ve done, and what’s one that you think you could have done better?

NC: Lunar Diana (League of Legends) is my most rewarding cosplay. It combined a lot of different skills into one costume – armor, corsetry, detailed sewing, props… The cosplay I could have done better was Makina (Macross Delta). It was rushed for an Otakon group and made in three days. I do love Makina so much that I may remake the costume at some point!

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SB: Your cosplays are amazingly ornate. How did you learn the techniques that you employ in your work? Did you take classes or were you largely self taught?

NC: I’ve never taken an “official” sewing class, but I have taken art classes in school that helped me with painting and designing. Most everything I’ve learned is self-taught or help from friends. There are also so many tutorials made by amazing cosplayers for props and armor builds! I love experimenting with different methods and eventually I always find the one that works best for me.

SB: Due to crazy magical shenanigans, the next cosplay you put on will transport you to the fictional world the character is from. What costume, if any, do you put on and why?

NC: Of the cosplays I’ve already made, definitely Cocona (Flip Flappers). She has so many amazing adventures with her partner in crime, Papika. Their world is multi-dimensional and full of color and fun! If it could be any cosplay, it would be Charizard. Pokemon sums up my childhood and I’d love to experience that universe first hand.

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SB: If you’ve planned ahead, what costumes do you have planned in 2017-2018?

NC: There’s so many! I hope I finish them all… The next con I’m going to is Otakon, where I’ll be wearing Hitoha Miyamizu (Kimi no Na Wa), an original Sailor Saturn design by Moize Opel, and Melpomene (Hercules). For Colossalcon East this year, I’m working on Pool Party Taric (League of Legends) as well as a few group cosplays: Princess of the PPP Penguins (Kemono Friends), Mermaid Maki (Love Live), Fairy Nozomi (Love Live), and Kimono Maki (Love Live). For Katsucon next year, I’ve planned two Mulan cosplays: an armored design by Gladzy Kei and a couture design by Hannah Alexander.

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If you’d like to know more about Niaang Cosplay and to see her work follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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