“Getting Started” With Warhammer 40k

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One thing I have to admit: I really like the way the Warhammer 40k universe looks. There’s something about the Gothic Aesthetic that jumps out at me, from the spaceships that are reminiscent of ornate sailboats to the power armor that looks like knight armor (and it helps I love power armor), and I’ve always been curious about it.

Not curious enough to want to buy whole armies, but curious enough to want a handful of minis.

Since I started reading the 40k RPGs lately (especially with a new RPG coming out from Ulisses Spiele), and also realized I need a few minis for some other sci-fi games I’m running (which may be alleviated thanks to GW’s partnership with WizKids), I thought snagging a copy of the magazine “Getting Started With Warhammer 40,000” would be a good start.

==The Pitch==

The pitch is in the title: this is a magazine to help you with “Getting Started With Warhammer 40,000.” That’s it. The biggest marketing comment on it is that it includes a Space Marine to get your collection started.

==What You Get==

The package includes two things: a magazine and a single, “easy to build” Space Marine Intercessor.

The magazine is on the larger side, like what you’d find with History or National Geographic with regards to thickness, and it is filled with advertisements of their products, an intro to how to play the game with sample combats (with some narration tossed in), and more pages of advertisements while introducing you to the warring factions and paint materials.

The Intercessor is of a different design than most, as it has pegs to interlock the pieces together without glue, making this very newbie friendly compared to other sets.

==The Good==

While I was afraid the book was going to just be a whole advertising magazine, there were some highlights here. Namely, the painting tutorials.

As someone new to miniature painting, the pages of tips and tricks to get different effects were absolutely wonderful to read through. There were techniques here that I really wish I had my hands on when I painted my first mini, and I will be reviewing them as I continue to paint in the near future.

The magazine also gave a good introduction to the setting of Warhammer 40k, and didn’t skew it to one side. While it is rather limited, it has become a useful grounding as I start to read Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, and Black Crusade.

Finally, having an extra Space Marine is not a bad thing, especially when you are just getting started and plan on playing that faction. It’s also a cheap way to get a single marine to use as an RPG mini (with tutorials on painting), with a price competitive with a single Reaper mini (depending on the mini, of course).

==The Bad==

The biggest issue here is simple: it’s an advertising magazine. Every page is covered with products that are meticulously painted with little sidebars about the different paints you should buy to get those effects. It’s pretty crazy just how many products they crammed into this book, but it’s the truth: every page is an advertisement, with maybe a third of it being useful information for the setting and playing.

The Intercessor, while a cool addition for someone who doesn’t have much, has a few concerns as you build it. Namely, the pegs are sometimes connected to the sprue, and it’s hard to note where the peg begins and the sprue ends. I had a few close calls as I put this figure together, and I was glad I wasn’t in a rush.

==The Verdict==

I’m not going to give this a bun rating, as it was a magazine produced by the company to advertise products for the company to quickly get new people into the game (and hopefully get them to buy more).

It’s not enough to get me to go out and buy whole armies; in fact, it’s barely enough for me to go out and buy their paints (but there are a few I’ve used before that I’m considering adding to my personal collection), but as a beginner to the universe and to painting, it’s not bad.

That, and there’s a Space Marine, which if you think they look cool, is worth the price of admission.

“Getting Started With Warhammer 40,000” can be easily found at most hobby shops or online, usually among the Warhammer 40,000 collection.

==Coming Up Next…==

As I’ve previously mentioned, I started a Patreon to help offset the costs of upcoming materials that I’m looking at reviewing, and I am always up for suggestions for materials to review (doubly so if this succeeds).

That said, I have a few materials on hand right now that I am working on reading in between some recent situations (yay doctors and real-world situations), as well as some pre-orders I am waiting on.

That list consists of:

  • The Princess Bride RPG: We’re still waiting on news (as they pushed it back to November due to logistics), but I have politely requested a copy of the Quickstart upon it’s release. Once that’s in hand, I’ll be getting a review written (and finding a game group to play it ASAP).
  • Dialect: I haven’t heard anything about Dialect since the middle of October, but the last I heard, we should be getting the PDF sometime in the very near future (as it was sent to layout in September). Once the PDF is acquired, reading shall begin!
  • Scion 2nd Edition: We have recently been treated to an early draft of the Storypath system that will be powering the new version of Scion. I just started reading it and hope to have a review in the coming weeks.
  • Tales From The Loop: I feel bad that I still have my friend’s copy, but that’s the way of things when there’s deadlines and lots of reading to be done. I hope to have this done and a review made live in the next few weeks.
  • Cortex Prime SRD: I backed the Cortex Prime Kickstarter this summer, and so far have not regretted it. Cam was gracious enough to give me permission to give an early thoughts review of the document, and I will be doing so in the next week or two.

And many, many more books and projects are on the list, including interviews, RPG reading backlog, new arrivals, and whatever else crops up! Stay tuned for more!


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