Welcome to 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2018! We’ve had things running during the Winter break, but we’re back to discuss some things coming this year for Sticky Bunton. We’ve been working on this platform for the last 3 years, and we still can’t believe the growth we’ve seen. So let’s take a moment to thank all of you out there who
read our articles, watch our videos, and take part in our streams. It’s thanks to you that we’ve gotten this far.

We wanted to take a moment to sit down and tell you all the things you can expect from SB in 2018.


SB started off as a review website and that hasn’t changed. We’ll still be producing written content throughout the year, providing you some awesome coverage from video games to tabletop. We’ll also be working with new writers to create more educational feature pieces and have more interviews of the people behind your favorite properties.


Video content has been a new thing we tried out in 2017. We started working to focus our Youtube and Twitch presence, and really decide how we wanted to utilize these tools. It made sense to us that Youtube and Twitch should serve to direct people here and not the other way around. All of the content that you can get on Youtube can be found here in the Watchables tab, and the schedule for the SB livestreams is also housed here under the Livestream tab. Any updates can be found there, and in time we’d like to have our video upload schedule on it as well.

Speaking of scheduling, Finger Food and Quick Draw will alternate release schedules on Monday each week.  Both Smorgasdork and Pixel’ED will return this year, but they will be produced once a month and released on the second and fourth week of each month respectively. We’ll be working on new shows throughout the year as well.


Last year the Livestream hit affiliate status! Which is phenomenal, but now we want to hit Twitch Partner. To do that, we’re going to schedule our content and keep you guys in the know, both here and on our social media (Twitter and Facebook get ready). We had a lot of great moments last year and we want to double them in 2018.

As for what we’ll be streaming, we have the new schedule up here. The major difference is that there’s an additional creative stream day on Saturday and Cream of Neat and Lore’d have been turned into alternating biweekly podcasts that last an hour each.


So that’s everything I have for you. Everyone part of SB is excited to get to work on a new year of amazing creations for all of you to consume. If you want to participate in the adventure you can contact us over here. Till next time!


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