Elder Scrolls Inspired Cocktails

By Aditi, 04 MAY 2018

Aditi and Dundee make two cocktails named after elements from the Elder Scrolls video game series on their Twitch channel. Reminder to all manner of Man and Mer, please drink responsibly.

Blood on the Ice

Inspired by the Skyrim quest Blood on the Ice, which you can find in Windhelm, this beverage simply combines vodka (or another clear alcohol like white rum or tequila) with blood orange.


1 oz alcohol of your choice
blood orange soda

  1. combine all ingredients
  2. stir in glass or transfer to cocktail shaker and shake to combine
  3. add optional garnish : mint leaves, orange segments

Bloody Mary with Aedric Pickle Spear

This beverage is inspired by the Aedric Spear skill for the Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online. This brunch cocktail consists of a homemade Bloody Mary mix, vodka and an Aedric spear made of various pickled items.


For the Bloody Mary mix:
1.5 cups tomato juice (I recommend the version that is spicy and has clam juice)
juice of half a lemon
juice of one lime
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp prepared horseradish
Freshly ground pepper

For the pickle spear:
Cocktail skewer
Dill pickles
Green olives
Pickled green tomatoes
Pickled peppers

For the finished drink:
2oz vodka or tequila
optional ice

  1. Combine all the mix ingredients in a container, and mix thoroughly
  2. Cut pickle ingredients so they will fit in the diameter of your glass and spear onto your skewer, set aside.
  3. Combine Bloody Mary mix, 2oz alcohol and optional ice in cocktail shaker or stir in glass. Place pickle spear and spear of celery in glass.
  4. Enjoy!

Aditi is a dancer, tailor, and crafter. When she’s not stretching her creative muscles, she’s streaming on Twitch to showcase her work & talents.

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