Our Team


Tim Minahan, Mac Gamer
Tim Minahan,  Mayor Hatty

I graduated from the University of Rochester with a BS in Chemical Engineering, but instead of the ability to calculate the forces in involved with laminar flow I developed a critical analysis of video games, science, and technology. These skills were cultivated as I worked as the presentation editor of the Campus Times school newspaper, creating cartoons for the newspaper and working with page layout. I am also a amateur photographer, writer, and cartoonist, using my love of gaming and science as inspiration. If I can make someone smile and tell them why Borderlands is a terrible game, then I feel like I’ve accomplished something important.

Anthony DeMinico, The NPC

This NPC was coded with two things in mind: geekery and doing typical NPC tasks. Equipped with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science, a bachelor’s degree in English, and a year’s worth of experience in Japan, he’s here to bring you random blurbs about gaming, conventions, and thanks to a new expansion: blacksmithing.

Outside of setting up shop at a library in West Virginia, you can find the NPC at scattered conventions including Tekko and Sangawa, and possibly more events as he tries not to burn himself (and be forced to respawn!) while making things out of metal.

Zatheera, Organizational Archmage

From the primordial fields of the ARK to the battlefields of Valoran, Zatheera is known for her ability to support those in need, be they dinosaur or marksman. Her power over word weaving and organization was said to have been taught to her by the elves and dwarves of Thedas, and it is this qualities that makes her a valuable member of the Sticky Bunton team. That and her evil laugh keeps us all in line.

When not writing or organizing, Zatheera tames and cares for a variety of digital and physical animals, and is a coffee addict. There’s not a day that she doesn’t have a cute critter or cup of joe nearby.

Alison Jeffery, Vidieonary

Alison is a Cosplayer and Youtuber who spends way too much time on the Internet. With a degree in art and film, she takes a wide appreciation for craftsmanship of all kinds.

She enjoys gaming and creating video content of various forms (Included but not limited to: vlogs, cosplay videos and cats). To get to know her daily check out her Youtube Channel or follow her on Facebook. Regardless of where you go, you’re bound to love her content and character. If you don’t, she might strike you down with her snowstorm chakram or take an aggressive nap. We’re never sure.

Marjorie Hopkins, Social Media Captain

Marjorie Hopkins is a freelance copywriter and online digital marketing/SEO specialist. She has been writing professionally for over two years, and has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post and AND CO. She has extensive experience ghost writing for the personal and professional blogs of clients in several different industries, including those in business, finance, restaurants, music, entrepreneurship, and more.

Currently, Marjorie Hopkins is working on a freelance basis with several different small businesses as a writer, digital marketing specialist, and SEO specialist. Apart from that, she is dedicated to shifting her word-of-mouth catering bakery, Expressive Konfections, into the e-commerce space. She is also an avid novel-writer, and is looking for representation for her newest middle grade fantasy novel.

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