Forging the Confection Cleaver: Part 1

One of the coolest (or most annoying) parts about being a blacksmith: having someone tell you of a project they have in mind. Some of these projects are fun, push your knowledge of the craft into new venues, and test your skills. I didn't expect a project to push me this hard to come from... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Blacksmithing Books

As a librarian, research is my thing. If someone asks for information, I usually point them to a book or some other credible resource. I hunt down information and hand it off to whoever needs it and think nothing of it. Sometimes, though, "credible resources" aren't so credible, especially when it comes to blacksmithing books.... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes As An NPC

When not playing the games I've recently reviewed, I've had my hands full with a few things that are coming up that will impact my ability to post over the coming weeks. I know some of you are actually following my weekly posts, so please accept my apology in advance that I may be missing... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes: Blacksmithing R&D

Going into blacksmithing, I knew there would be a number of experiments to perform, trial designs, and failed ideas. After a few experiments over the past few months, I thought I'd share a few with you. ==Project #1: Ring Knife== A week after I took my first blacksmithing class, I visited my mother for Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

Making A Sword – Afterthoughts

I've done something that many nerds want to do, but never learn the skills to do it. Many people walk into a smithy for a class or demonstration and demand to know how to make a sword, not understanding the techniques, time, and effort involved in doing so. As much fun as I had over... Continue Reading →

Making A Sword – Day 5

Not quite 24 hours, but the need to hurry was surely running the show! Sadly, there were a number of things slowing us down, namely access to tools. The first step I had of the morning was to grind out a few imperfections (we had two grinders for twelve people) so I could do what... Continue Reading →

Making A Sword – Day 4

After witnessing my blade survive the normalizing process with little warping (and learning where the thin spots where), I was ready, albeit nervous, to take on the quenching process on Day 4. For those of you who don't know, the quenching process is a necessary and risky part of making a blade. You need to... Continue Reading →

Making A Sword – Day 3

After somehow pulling off a miracle and almost catching up with the majority of my classmates, I was working with the power tools to begin the cleanup process associated with making a blade. This is normally a long and arduous process if you don't have power tools and the skills to use them and, due... Continue Reading →

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