Going Alone Into The Darkness

By Anthony "LibrariaNPC" DeMinico,  28 March 2021 Browsing online RPG shops like Floating Chair can be almost as dangerous to my wallet as Kickstarter. I went in to order a print copy of Iron and Lies (review forthcoming!), and saw Go Alone. Like the siren call of a magical sword in a stone, I found it... Continue Reading →

Paying In Coin & Blood

By Anthony "LibrariaNPC" DeMinico,  24 March 2021 While grimdark and I have an on-again-off-again relationship, and my love of OSR is more a begrudging respect than love, sometimes a title crosses my path that is so unabashedly villainous that I can't say no. Which brings us to For Coin & Blood 2nd Edition, one of the titles... Continue Reading →

Adventures, Emergencies & Boy Problems

By Anthony "LibrariaNPC" DeMinico,  17 March 2021 With Control being a Playstation Plus title last month, I and thousands of others finally had the opportunity to play this gem that was considered by many to be worthy of the title "Game of the Year" for 2019, at least within their own communities/lists. A friend of mine... Continue Reading →

BYTE Into A New RPG?

By Anthony "LibrariaNPC" DeMinico,  10 March 2021 With my love of odd and esoteric mechanics, it's no small wonder why I jump at games with a quirky pitch. Dominoes as your risk mechanic? Awesome! Cards both as numbers and suit to determine how things go? Deal me in! A no challenge/conflict game? Sweet! An entire... Continue Reading →

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