Top Line/Bottom Line: Doctor Strange

By Michael Stoll 19 November 2016 Top Line: Doctor Strange offers a fun spectacle of CGI wonder and provides the Marvel Cinematic Universe with another strong entry, but fails to immerse the audience fully in the world of magic. 3/5. Doctor Strange is the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following 13 films,... Continue Reading →

Crimson Peak – Horror Film of the Season?

My wife hates horror movies. "Hate" isn't a strong enough word for it. She loathes, detests, and abhors horror films, regardless of the theme. It's impossible to get her to watch anything resembling a zombie film, and some of the insane Japanese psychological horrors are way out, even if they are video games (puts a... Continue Reading →

Inside Out Review

By Brian VanDenBergh 21 June 2015 Pixar. Just saying the name gives you memories of some of the best stories and moments ever put on film. I don’t have to list them because you already know them. So when a studio who is known for telling stories that are so resoundingly emotional, what happens when... Continue Reading →

The Organ Trail Diaries: Part 3

By JimboSlice 26 March 2015 If you missed it, check out Part 1 here! and Part 2 here! When we last left off (yesterday) I had just successfully escaped Pittsburgh and was free on the open road again.  When I started playing this time, my initial hope was immediately doused by a grim reminder.  Only a few... Continue Reading →

The Organ Trail Diaries: Part 2

By JimboSlice 25 March 2015 If you missed it, check out Part 1 here! Finally, the game was beginning in earnest.  I was on my own (well, with my three best friends great acquaintances good coworkers other people and one professional zombie slayer) to live or die by my own choices, no longer hampered by the stupidity of other... Continue Reading →

No More Paradise Island

By Brian VanDenBergh 20 March 2015 I’m a graduate of film school so I’m basically a snob when it comes to seeing things in film and commenting on them. This afternoon during March Madness, Marvel released a new TV spot for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some things stood out to me and added to... Continue Reading →

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