Quick Draw: Pink Diamond

If you enjoyed the latest Steven Bomb, so did we. We loved the reveal of Emerald and Pink Diamond, two very awesome designs. We went forward and created a chalk pastel drawing of Pink.

Quick Draw: Haley & Sunflora

Haley and Sunflora want to welcome you to the new year! I honestly have never romanced Haley in Stardew Valley, but I have been working on her friendship levels to understand her character a bit more. Her love of photography was something I wanted to focus on, as well as her nature hikes. We’ll have…

Synths are Among Us

Synths are among us! Seriously! You’ve probably heard talk about AI and the future of robotics, and even that automation has taken jobs, but even the most scifi examples of AI aren’t far off from being true. Pixel’ED (Pixel Education), is our first show on SB that took more time researching than it took time…

Anik Reviews… Wasted

Not sure what’s going on here, but Anik is reviewing WASTED, so that might have something to do with my delirium. Pretty sure WASTED is the lovechild of “Idiocracy” and Fallout. Disclosure: This review was written using a press copy of the game.

Anik Reviews … Dungeon of the Endless

Isn’t life an Endless Dungeon? One from which we can never escape? Something gnaws at the back of my mind as I go from room to room, place to place, person to person. Am I really here or just trapped in the machinations of a higher power obsessed with mazes? Oh… here’s a review of…