Gather here adventurers as I weave you a tale, a tale of Brunhilda of Bunhalla. Brunhilda was a battle maiden of the Valkyries and their resident baker. One day, all manner of undead, trolls, and monsters came from the Bifrost. With her sisters busy elsewhere, Brunhilda was had to bolster forces from Midgard as honorary Valkyries of Bunhalla.

The following individuals have answered the call.

Aditi is a professional belly dancer, costume designer and cosplayer. She has performed at events like TwitchCon & national belly dance festivals and earned awards for her dance performances and costumes. She is a co-host with Engi on the podcasts Cream of Neat & Lore’d and streams on Twitch under the handle aditidancedesign.

Mink the Satyr is a Boston-based cosplayer.  She specializes in Pokemon and other gijinka (anthropomorphic) costuming.  She likes to travel to libraries and conventions delivering cosplay presentations and panels.  Mink is an avid LARPer and occasional digital artist with a Thursday night twitch stream dedicated to drawing nerdy things.  She would really like you to come see it some time.  Mink is also a semi-frequent guest on Aditi and Engi’s podcasts, Cream of Neat and Lore’d, which is how she became part of the Sticky Bunton fold!

Alison Jeffery is a New Jersey based cosplayer and internet personality. She specializes in foam armor and prop builds as well as gaming related costumes. Alison has a plethora of knowledge in the film industry including pre and post production. She also loves filming cosplay music videos, and hopes to be able to travel around the world filming talented cosplayer and their marvelous work. You can find more of her work on her personal channel.

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