Nathan Morales, Copy Editor

Nathan is finishing his bachelor in philosophy and wants to be an education reformer. Though he often muses about what we ought to teach and what it means to be a digital citizen, he still loves anime and video games. After being editor-in-chief twice for his high school’s yearbook and becoming a writing teaching assistant for philosophy, Nathan assists Sticky Bunton with his trusty keyboard. When not editing, he reads, watches Netflix, write papers, or attends one of his many meetings.

Nick Adams, Video Editor

After years of sucking at video games and public speaking, Anick (Nick) is here to give you the great content you deserve while assuring you that he has complete faith in his skills here at Sticky Bunton! As a graphic designer who currently works a lot on multiple projects, he goes by  the name Anik Creations when creating his art. When not creating art, he can be found playing PUBG, LoL, and multiple indie games. When asked, he will state the most important thing to know about him sums up to: “I am a huge weeb.”