Engi, Founder

Engi graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering, but instead of the ability to calculate the forces in involved with laminar flow, he developed a critical analysis of video games, anime, and technology.  When not busy in the lab working on the next best power armor design, Engi works on diving into the lore and inspiration behind some of his favorite franchises. Discovering the origins of the modern stories we tell in pop culture and harvesting the passion of their creators, he aims to spark the passion of creativity in others.


Anthony DeMinico, Editor-in-Chief

Anthony DeMinico, better known at conventions as “The NPC” or by his forum/Twitter handle “LibrariaNPC”, is truly a jack of all trades, master of a few.

Armed with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science, a bachelor’s degree in English, a year of studying in Japan, countless years of game mastering RPGs, a growing block of playtester credit, and a handful of blacksmithing classes, he’s well equipped and prepared to bring you a cornucopia of posts based on conventions, books, films, anime, manga, blacksmithing, and his favorite passion: Tabletop RPGs.

Outside of setting up shop at a library in West Virginia, you can find Anthony at various RPG tables (usually behind a GM screen), in his mantle as The NPC at scattered conventions including Tekko, Sangawa, and CharCon, or donning medieval garb at local SCA events and Renaissance Faires.

Zatheera, Project Manager

From the primordial fields of the ARK to the battlefields of Valoran, Zatheera is known for her ability to support those in need, be they dinosaur or marksman. Her power over word weaving and organization was said to have been taught to her by the elves and dwarves of Thedas, and it is this qualities that makes her a valuable member of the Sticky Bunton team. That and her evil laugh keeps us all in line.

When not writing or organizing, Zatheera tames and cares for a variety of digital and physical animals, and is a coffee addict. There’s not a day that she doesn’t have a cute critter or cup of joe nearby.


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