Team Members

Enji studied to be a engineer and left university with a new way of viewing the universe. They work to dive into the lore of works of fiction to pull out the real life inspiration that influenced them to fuel other’s fantasies and learning as well as their own.

Enji works on SBs back end, tinkering on the websites’ graphic, gear, and programs.

Anthony DeMinico , known by his handle “LibrariaNPC” on Twitter and game forums, is truly a jack of all trades, master of a few.

Anthony is equipped with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science and a bachelor’s degree in English.  You can find our NPC behind a GM screen or giving quests at conventions, playtesting new games, or poring over tomes for work and review. As you can see, he’s cashed in plenty of experience points to allow him to excel with writing and editing reviews here at Sticky Bunton. 

From the primordial fields of the ARK to the battlefields of Valoran, Zatheera is known for her ability to support those in need, be they dinosaur or marksman. Her power over word weaving and organization was said to have been taught to her by the elves and dwarves of Thedas.

When not writing or organizing, Zatheera tames and cares for a variety of digital and physical animals, and is a coffee addict. 

YamMAYzing the Magnetic spends her day slaying challenges that land at her feet and has mastered the spell of extinguishing fires with a wiggle of her nose.

This bubbly super support-player (always the support, never the carry!), loves bringing everyone together to make the dream work. Either in the workplace, on the rift, or here at Sticky Bunton, she unites those to fight the good fight with her, offering her assistance and leadership.

Stay tuned for a Twitch.Tv stream that’s in production. Meanwhile, Keep up with Kirby and YamMAYzing’s cooking, crafting, and adventures around the world.

Nathan is finishing his bachelor in philosophy and wants to be an education reformer. Though he often muses about what we ought to teach and what it means to be a digital citizen, he still loves anime and video games. After being editor-in-chief twice for his high school’s yearbook and becoming a writing teaching assistant for philosophy, Nathan assists Sticky Bunton with his trusty keyboard. When not editing, he reads, watches Netflix, write papers, or attends one of his many meetings.

Blushbox is a sentient box that was sucked into the interwebs. Trapped for eternity, they pass the time listening to anime intros, sketching blobs and playing terrible otome games. Blush is the creator of ‘Boe and Cotton’ on Webtoon’s Discover and hopes to one day enslave the entire digital world

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