Creativerse: The Better Minecraft

By Engi, 06 October 2015 Creativerse is a voxel based adventure building game created by Playful, Corp. If that string of descriptors sounds familiar, it's because Minecraft is the most widely known voxel adventure builder in the business. As an avid Minecraft player, I really wanted to avoid writing this review and have one of... Continue Reading →

Deku Nuts

By Engi, 03 October 2015 After much experimentation with gluten free baked goods, I got a rough estimation of how rice flour is compared to your basic baking flour. It holds shape a lot more and also has a dryer taste, but that shouldn't turn you away from trying it out, especially if you have... Continue Reading →

Surviving This War Of Mine

Notice: Trigger Warning: This review is of a game that depicts surviving in a warzone. There are a number of not-friendly topics ranging from murder, suicide, robbery, and rape. While I am not a fan of giving trigger warnings, this game has a number of things that make friends of mine cringe, and I am... Continue Reading →

Autumn is Coming Cake

By Engi, 26 September 2015 So for the last two weeks have been League of Legends heavy because worlds is coming up, but I want to dive into other fictious foods than just the meal plans of the people of Valoran. So for this week we're going to take a quick trip to Westeros to... Continue Reading →

A Journey With Off-Brand LEGO

As a child, some of my fondest memories involve LEGO. Even today, I still find a way to get my hands on certain sets and a massive number of minifigures; the figures due to being awesome bits of geekery in a small package, while the sets for giving me something to do (and there's something... Continue Reading →

Ziggs’ Bomb Cake

By Engi, 19 September 2015 A while back, Riot Games hosed the Sugar Rush event in League of Legends. One of the rewards was the Hextech Hard Candy icon. I was wondering what flavor it was, and who the heck manufactured it. Constantly the silly skin seeker, I was hoping it was a dapper Candy... Continue Reading →

Starting A Guild Of Painters

After the fiasco of Party Hard, I thought picking up a slower-paced game may not be a bad choice. While not quite the slow-paced and easy game I expected, Painter's GuildĀ from by Lucas Molina has proven to be an entertaining management sim and is worth looking into. Disclosure: This review was written using a press... Continue Reading →

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