Marching Onward: Iron Edda Accelerated

By Anthony "LibrariaNPC" DeMinico, 01 August 2018 When I think of games set in an era of vikings, I think of heroes slaying beasts, gods guiding humans to great deeds or follies, and events that involve weaving of epic tales and showcasing the hubris of both man and god. I would not have expected mecha-like... Continue Reading →

An Interview With “The Other Tracy”

By Anthony "LibrariaNPC" DeMinico, 25 July 2018 Prior to my visit to CharCon earlier this month, I had the pleasure to sit and have a wonderful conversation with Tracy Barnett, an RPG writer, author, one half of Exploding Rogue Studios, and the mind behind The Other Cast. Having a chance to talk to them about... Continue Reading →

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