Starting A New Life: Fantasy Life

As I've been starting up a new life myself by becoming a blacksmith, I think it's rather fitting to talk about my first impressions of Fantasy Life. Don't worry, there'll be some blacksmithing shenanigans soon enough; I'm waiting for some photos of our group from the photographer, and I'll be writing up a post on... Continue Reading →

Rehashed Activities: Monster Hunter 4

My first experience with Monster Hunter was during my stay in Japan in 2005/2006. One of the other¬†ryuugakusei bought a PS2 and Monster Hunter (I believe it was G, may have been Monster Hunter 2), and we would sometimes meet up and watch the madness unfold or see who can do things better. I've been... Continue Reading →

Joining the Splat-Madness

Normally, I avoid buying brand-new, non-portable console games. The cost is prohibitive most of the time, and there's usually more important things to worry about. But there was something different about Splatoon. A comedic shooter with a different premise outside of "Kill everything you see," interesting artwork, a (sort of) backstory for why things work... Continue Reading →

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