Kôna You Handle This?

By Zatheera, 23 February 2016 Kôna:Day One - Beta Demo Review Kôna is a game by Parabole which is described as an episodic, atmospheric survival-adventure that takes place in Northern Quebec during the 1970s. Obviously, this game was meant to be reviewed by the token French Canadian of the Sticky Bunton team - me. Disclosure:... Continue Reading →

Commonwealth Contributor Issue #1

By Zatheera, 02 February 2016 Zatheera is an avid gamer, reader, pun enthusiast, overthinker and lover of lore. She can be found on twitter (@Zatheera) or twitch under her pseudonym as Staleina.  

Game of Fur Coated Thrones

By Zatheera, 03 December 2015 An Armello Review Armello is a 3D hex tiled, turned based strategy board game that is produced by League of Geeks. It has optional multiplayer elements, cards to collect, dice to toss and entire board to explore with your chosen character and amulet. The point of the game is to... Continue Reading →

Mesoamerican Battle Bots

By Engi, 23 November 2015 I'm going to let readers in on a little secret of how I decide what games to review. I watch a lot of youtube videos and if something seems fun, I dive into it. This is no different for Mayan Death Robots. I had first heard about the Sileni Studios... Continue Reading →

Major Tom to Galak-Z

By Engi, 03 November 2015 I enjoy a good arcade game. When I went to Sangawa in Pittsburgh, PA, and they had a room filled with classic arcade cabinets. I played Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pacman, reliving the glory of 80's gaming. They weren't pretty to look at, but they were fun to play. Galak-Z, from... Continue Reading →

Chopped Onions and Boiled Broccoli

By Zatheera, 10 October 2015  A Yasai Ninja Review After deciding I needed a break from my usual games, I gave Yasai Ninja on PS4 a try. It features both a singleplayer and co-op mode where you get to take Veggie Tales-style characters through various puzzles and combat other produce-themed enemies in Feudal Japan, all... Continue Reading →

A Fragmented Look Into Shattered Planet

By ZenMasterSteelix 08 September 2015 What a horrible, horrible pun. That aside, let's jump right in. I got my hands on a cute little project called Shattered Planet, a rogue-like, turn-based, actiony rpg with death meaning losing what you bring with you down to the planet, only to come back anew with possibly some better gadgets... Continue Reading →

Going on a Letter Quest

Here's the gist of how I learned about and picked up this game: Tim: Anyone want to review Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered? My Mind: MUST! PLAY! *Gollum voice* It is the preciousssss. . . Me: If no one else, is game, I'll take it. Tim: Here you go. My Mind: HE GAVE US THE PRECIOUS!... Continue Reading →

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