Setting Sail with 7th Sea: Pirate Nations

After much excitement and impatiently waiting, we backers were given access to the first true splatbook and setting resource for 7th Sea Second Edition: the Pirate Nations book. I was considering waiting until the final draft went live to get some more artwork into this post, but with some of my concerns of the book... Continue Reading →

Revisiting 7th Sea Second Edition: Mechanics

After writing a commentary on 7th Sea Second Edition's setting differences, I thought it only fair to write about the mechanical differences as well. These changes are rather drastic, and some players and GMs alike may not like them. Curious how drastic these changes are? Well, pull up a seat and I'll get started! ==The... Continue Reading →

The Return of the 7th Sea

When I heard the rights to 7th Sea were sold back to John Wick earlier this month, I was both elated and filled with dread. If you aren't familiar with it, 7th Sea was an amazing swashbuckling fantasy adventure RPG and a card game released in the late 90s, riding the popularity (and utilizing a variant... Continue Reading →

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