Strange Blood In The Aether

After reading and reviewing the first two volumes of the new Doctor Strange comic, I was curious how they would continue the series. I mean, the last volume ended with magic as we know it being exterminated from the world, and the last vestiges of it trapped in items (many of which were weakened and/or... Continue Reading →

GeneXt: The Future We Never Got?

I love seeing all of the "What if. . ." scenarios of the comic industry. Sure, some of them are great (Amalgam, anyone?), while others are just a waste of paper. Some of my favorites tend to be a bit more on the "realistic" side (as in, fitting for the Marvel universe), which brings us... Continue Reading →

Exploring the World with Delilah Dirk

For some reason, I tend to have odd situations with picking up comics. Delilah Dirk isn't so much odd, but rather an amusing case of serendipity. A colleague of mine was lamenting the fact she didn't know too many female superheroes that were "properly dressed" and "properly proportioned," so she turned to me, the resident... Continue Reading →

A Not-So Civil War

It's a rare day I speak highly of a crossover event in the comic industry. When I pick up a comic, I do so with the hope of just reading the one character's/team's (mis)adventures and going on my merry way. Team-ups are fun, of course, and have gotten me into other comic lines (and often... Continue Reading →

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