Today's employees are from the Mall's Anti-theft team, our friend Ghost Rider and good 'ole Sadako! Blushbox makes art on whatever suits their fancy on Instagram and is the creator behind the Webtoon Boe and Cotton.

Strange Blood In The Aether

After reading and reviewing the first two volumes of the new Doctor Strange comic, I was curious how they would continue the series. I mean, the last volume ended with magic as we know it being exterminated from the world, and the last vestiges of it trapped in items (many of which were weakened and/or... Continue Reading →

GeneXt: The Future We Never Got?

I love seeing all of the "What if. . ." scenarios of the comic industry. Sure, some of them are great (Amalgam, anyone?), while others are just a waste of paper. Some of my favorites tend to be a bit more on the "realistic" side (as in, fitting for the Marvel universe), which brings us... Continue Reading →

Exploring the World with Delilah Dirk

For some reason, I tend to have odd situations with picking up comics. Delilah Dirk isn't so much odd, but rather an amusing case of serendipity. A colleague of mine was lamenting the fact she didn't know too many female superheroes that were "properly dressed" and "properly proportioned," so she turned to me, the resident... Continue Reading →

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