My Second SCA Event: Blackstone Raids XXVI

My local SCA group, the Barony of Blackstone Mountain, held their 26th annual event last week: Blackstone Raids (BSR). Like my usual self, I had a bad case of "helium hand" and volunteered to staff, and went right to work (as well as attending). Curious how the event went? Well, time to get to reading!... Continue Reading →

7th Sea Nations of Théah Volume 1

Once again, it's time for another 7th Sea 2nd Edition review! This time, I've decided to give you a review of the early draft of Nations of Théah: Volume 1. While there are a number of errors that need to be rectified in the final draft (I think I had more than half a dozen... Continue Reading →

Starting A Guild Of Painters

After the fiasco of Party Hard, I thought picking up a slower-paced game may not be a bad choice. While not quite the slow-paced and easy game I expected, Painter's Guild from by Lucas Molina has proven to be an entertaining management sim and is worth looking into. Disclosure: This review was written using a press... Continue Reading →

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