Quick Draw: Haley & Sunflora

Haley and Sunflora want to welcome you to the new year! I honestly have never romanced Haley in Stardew Valley, but I have been working on her friendship levels to understand her character a bit more. Her love of photography was something I wanted to focus on, as well as her nature hikes. We'll have... Continue Reading →

Quick Draw: Abigail & Mimikyu

Abigail and Mimkyu seem perfect for each other. I've been playing a lot of StarDew Valley and Pokemon as of late, so this mashup was bound to happen. I mean, come on, every towns person in StarDew Valley has a pokemon that they'd mesh with well.

A Love Letter To Stardew Valley

My first experience with a farming simulator was the first Harvest Moon. I had just moved to a more rural area and one of my new friends was just as much of a gamer as I was but had the means to pick up newer games or hunt down older games. It was 1998 or... Continue Reading →

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