Making A Sword – Afterthoughts

I've done something that many nerds want to do, but never learn the skills to do it. Many people walk into a smithy for a class or demonstration and demand to know how to make a sword, not understanding the techniques, time, and effort involved in doing so. As much fun as I had over... Continue Reading →

Making A Sword – Day 5

Not quite 24 hours, but the need to hurry was surely running the show! Sadly, there were a number of things slowing us down, namely access to tools. The first step I had of the morning was to grind out a few imperfections (we had two grinders for twelve people) so I could do what... Continue Reading →

Possible Upcoming Posts

Things have been silent for a while, and I know I haven't added to changing that. To help, here are the exciting things I've been doing lately that may lead to some posts in the near future! ==Blacksmithing== I've taken the chance to work on some blacksmithing lately. Memorial Day Weekend was spent working with... Continue Reading →

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