Priming The Pump For Cortex Prime

To be quite honest, I have quite the checkered history with Cortex. I was feeling rather ambivalent about Serenity and Battlestar Galactica for a number of reasons, but I was quite frankly absorbed into Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (and made a number of friends on forums, conventions, and comic shops because of it). Sadly, I was... Continue Reading →

7th Sea Nations of Théah Volume 1

Once again, it's time for another 7th Sea 2nd Edition review! This time, I've decided to give you a review of the early draft of Nations of Théah: Volume 1. While there are a number of errors that need to be rectified in the final draft (I think I had more than half a dozen... Continue Reading →

The Pitfalls of Online Gaming

Playing an MMO or an FPS online is always a hoot. People show up, they play, and you know everyone is really into it due to communicating, how their avatar is moving, and generally how well they play. If you are missing a person from your group, it's easy to pick up a rando for... Continue Reading →

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