Spawned and De-Spawned: The NPC At Tekko

Over the years, Tekko has become my "home" convention, even though I haven't lived in Pittsburgh. It was the first convention I attended as The NPC, the first convention I staffed, and it's the one event that I look forward to every year. Tekko took place from April 6-9, and it was the 15th anniversary... Continue Reading →

The NPC’s Time At Tekko!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I made it to Tekko this year. Tekko has been one of my mainstay cons since 2009 (I've only missed one year since then due to a new job), and making it back is always the highlight of my year. Sure, I use it as a reason to spend... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes As An NPC

When not playing the games I've recently reviewed, I've had my hands full with a few things that are coming up that will impact my ability to post over the coming weeks. I know some of you are actually following my weekly posts, so please accept my apology in advance that I may be missing... Continue Reading →

Sangawa 2015: A Triumphant Return

I can easily sum up this year's Sangawa with the words "Drastic Improvement." With last week's post, you'd notice that I wasn't certain how I felt about attending the con. I was dreading dead game sessions, drunks in the hallways, and not enough people to really do anything. Within the first few hours, I was pleasantly... Continue Reading →

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