Ark: Patience Evolved

By Zatheera, 01 March 2016 An Impromptu Feature Piece of Ark: Survival Evolved Ark: Survival Evolved is an action adventure multiplayer game by Studio Wildcard, which can also be played in a single-player mode. It is a truly masochistic game, and I say that with love in my heart. For those that like to PVP, I’d... Continue Reading →

New Years with Iconoclasts

After the madness of my move, Tim asked if I'd be up for playing the Alpha Test version of the game The Iconoclasts by Joakim Sandberg. The premise alone was enough to get me hooked, so I wanted to give it a whirl and give my first impressions. As this is an Alpha Playtest, I'll... Continue Reading →

Game of Fur Coated Thrones

By Zatheera, 03 December 2015 An Armello Review Armello is a 3D hex tiled, turned based strategy board game that is produced by League of Geeks. It has optional multiplayer elements, cards to collect, dice to toss and entire board to explore with your chosen character and amulet. The point of the game is to... Continue Reading →

A Fragmented Look Into Shattered Planet

By ZenMasterSteelix 08 September 2015 What a horrible, horrible pun. That aside, let's jump right in. I got my hands on a cute little project called Shattered Planet, a rogue-like, turn-based, actiony rpg with death meaning losing what you bring with you down to the planet, only to come back anew with possibly some better gadgets... Continue Reading →

Learning With Easter Eggs

Needing to take a break from the depression that is Majora’s Mask, I decided to pick up a copy of Codename: S.T.E.A.M. due to my love of steampunk and strategy games. I’ve only been able to put about 5 hours in so far (mostly during lunch breaks; even NPCs have to eat!), but it’s been... Continue Reading →

The Organ Trail Diaries: Part 3

By JimboSlice 26 March 2015 If you missed it, check out Part 1 here! and Part 2 here! When we last left off (yesterday) I had just successfully escaped Pittsburgh and was free on the open road again.  When I started playing this time, my initial hope was immediately doused by a grim reminder.  Only a few... Continue Reading →

The Organ Trail Diaries: Part 2

By JimboSlice 25 March 2015 If you missed it, check out Part 1 here! Finally, the game was beginning in earnest.  I was on my own (well, with my three best friends great acquaintances good coworkers other people and one professional zombie slayer) to live or die by my own choices, no longer hampered by the stupidity of other... Continue Reading →

The Organ Trail Diaries: Part 1

By JimboSlice 24 March 2015 For review in several parts this week, I decided to browse through my Steam library and pull out something I knew I'd like but that I hadn't ever finished before (so that I'd still get to enjoy playing the game as a game).  I chose Organ Trail: The Director's Cut,... Continue Reading →

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