The Chefs

Aditi is a professional belly dancer, costume designer and cosplayer. She has performed at events like TwitchCon & national belly dance festivals and earned awards for her dance performances and costumes. She is a co-host with Engi on the podcasts Cream of Neat & Lore’d and streams on Twitch under the handle aditidancedesign.

Alison Jeffery, Freelance Video Editor

Alison is a Cosplayer and Youtuber who spends way too much time on the Internet. With a degree in art and film, she takes a wide appreciation for craftsmanship of all kinds.

She enjoys gaming and creating video content of various forms (Included but not limited to: vlogs, cosplay videos and cats). To get to know her daily check out her Youtube Channel or follow her on Facebook. Regardless of where you go, you’re bound to love her content and character. If you don’t, she might strike you down with her snowstorm chakram or take an aggressive nap. We’re never sure.

Marjorie Hopkins, Social Media Consultant

Marjorie Hopkins is a freelance copywriter and online digital marketing/SEO specialist. She has been writing professionally for over two years, and has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post and AND CO. She has extensive experience ghost writing for the personal and professional blogs of clients in several different industries, including those in business, finance, restaurants, music, entrepreneurship, and more.

Currently, Marjorie Hopkins is working on a freelance basis with several different small businesses as a writer, digital marketing specialist, and SEO specialist. Apart from that, she is dedicated to shifting her word-of-mouth catering bakery, Expressive Konfections, into the e-commerce space. She is also an avid novel-writer, and is looking for representation for her newest middle grade fantasy novel.